Our Stories

Bernice’s Story

“We’ve lived here for 20 years…
This is where we want to be.”

Maurice’s Story

Support to keep you socially connected – “I think that as you get older, you’ve got to have some community bizzo.”

Sacha’s Story

From a Community Interlink staff member – “I love my job.”

Mary’s Story

The benefits of Self-Directed Care – “More can be spent on services rather than administration.”

Samantha’s Story

Transitioning to the NDIS

Christian’s Story

Life after a diving accident

Eric’s Story

My whole aim was to get back here into this home.

Masoum’s Story

A young girl’s new beginnings in Australia

Madeline’s Story

Transitioning to the NDIS

Steph, Mitch and Brody’s Story

Transitioning to the NDIS