Full Support

Full Support provides high-level management and coordination of your care services.

Your Case Manager will closely monitor your care needs after developing a personalised ‘Care Plan’, to ensure the delivery of services that best meet your requirements.

Your Case Manager will advocate strongly for you if you are not getting the care you need and will assist with complicated referrals and documentation.

Your Service Support Coordinator will work closely with your Case Manager to ensure that your services are delivered in a timely manner and are adjusted as your circumstances or preferences change.


Your Service Support Coordinator will also carefully monitor your Home Care budget.

Full Support relieves you and/or your carer of the constant running around associated with organising your care services.

Community Interlink Case Managers live locally and understand the local service system and therefore provide excellent results for consumers when advocacy is needed in their behalf.

Full Support incurs a 28% fee in addition to administration fees.