What services do Community Interlink provide?

Community Interlink can help you to access support in your own home through the delivery ‘our services’.

We can offer support services for carrying out everyday tasks like preparing meals and doing the washing, through to health services such as Home Nursing.


What are the benefits of receiving my in-home care via my local hospital or health service?

Staff at your local hospital or health service understand your local community and are therefore best positioned to provide integrated care from home-based care to residential support and acute care.

Receiving your in-home care via your local hospital or health service also means that your locally-based care workers are able to advocate for you and support you if your care needs change.

By sourcing your in-home care locally, you will be further supporting your local community.


Who are Community Interlink care workers?

Community Interlink staff are trusted members of your local community.

Our workers have undergone rigorous reference and police checks and have appropriate qualifications and experience.

As members of your local hospital or health service, Community Interlink staff boast local knowledge and local networks enabling them to deliver advocacy and satisfaction that other care providers simply can’t.


How can I fund my care?

Whether you wish to privately fund your care, or are eligible for Commonwealth funding support, Community Interlink can help you access care at home.

Call us on 1300 203 203 to discuss funding options, or visit our ‘care funding options’ page for more information.